Dear Madam / Sir,

In order to customize Meeting G2.1 based on the needs of the participants, we kindly ask you to fill out this form.
It will not take too much of your time, but it will be extremely useful for us : )

Thank you in advance for your time and effort!

1. Please enter your name and surname.

2. Please enter your E-mail address.

3. Country of residence

4. Do you have your own company?


If YES - please indicate the web page:

If NO - what is your primary business?

5. Have you ever participated in conferences organized by the Croatian government, private agencies or institutions?


6. If yes, could you name them? Did they meet your expectations and / or business goals?

7. Are you willing to invest in projects in Croatia?


8. In case you find an interesting project / company in Croatia, what would be the possible amount of your investment? (optional)

9. In what kind of enterprise would you like to invest?

Something else:

10. In which sector would you like to invest?

If your answer is “Production” or “Something else”, please make a short description::

11. Have you ever visited Croatia?


How many times?

12. Have you ever tried to start a business in Croatia?


When / what? (Short description):

13. Do you know anything about European Union funds?


14. Are you interested in a possible investment through EU funding?


15. Are you familiar with the benefits and incentives granted by the Croatian government?


16. Are you interested in education possibilities for your children in Croatia?


17. The official language during the Meeting G2.1. will be Croatian. Will you need simultaneous translation during the conference?


If yes, to which language?

Do you need translation services for B2B meetings as well?


18. Who would you like to have B2B meetings with? (use CTRL button for multiple choices)

19. Would you like to meet Croatian major FMCG representatives in order to export their products to your country?


20. From which region of Croatia do you and your family descend?

21. Would you like to invest and/or help this region?

22. Do you need advice on immigration issues?

23. Would you like to share with us any other idea?

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